But most FARC female did not have command over their particular bodies

A relaxed Moment Among Troops Marina, a member of the seventeenth side of FARC requires time sleep next to her lover Alexander, .

Karina says she never took part in such as trials but she indeed got been aware of her or him: “There are of many young women various other camps, just who I know, who have been sample for crappy choices.” Viviana, instance, took part in you to definitely conflict council where she chosen for three more youthful women-a couple in age 18-is conducted. “They certainly were faced with taking imbalance and disease,” she tells me. “It actually was very difficult to choose because of it, however if We said, ‘No, I really don’t concur,’ they might investigate me personally.” An other woman which chosen and only executing a couple of their unique nearest and dearest, who have been simply kids, tells me, “Whenever we said anything, we’d also get killed.”

She got educated it privately

Inside the Colombia, girls as young as twelve normally get married with adult consentmanders appear to stressed or pushed young women to bed with them. Some women read survival courtesy seduction: sleeping having a commander try one good way to prevent having to carry out protect obligation in the exact middle of the night.

“Abortions to have feminine guerrillas try FARC coverage. Even if the guerrilla won’t abort, she is forced to get it done,” Karina testified just after their unique demobilization. “Brand new chief who does maybe not support you to definitely signal try approved because the hard because guerrilla by herself.”

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When she are twenty-two, subscribed to an intellect path, Karina claims, she first started an affair with an other beginner and you will had expecting. Karina kept their own miracle for pretty much five days in advance of she advised her dominating officer. “I delivered you to definitely an effective commanders’ college or university, maybe not a pregnancy college or university,” the guy told you and purchased their own so you can cancel the fresh new maternity. She refused.

As retribution, Karina is actually instantaneously alleviated away from their unique order and you may taken to various other device, towards front range. “It humiliated me several times around,” she afterwards told you. Her the frontrunner told her, “We are really not giving in to any cravings.” At the six months expecting, she contracted malaria, went highest fevers-”I was all reddish”-that will maybe not prevent shaking. She is actually protected from the a beneficial FARC nurse exactly who shared with her, “Sometimes you’re going to pass away or your child tend to pass away.” Simply following nursing assistant informed new commander you to Karina’s demise would get on their check out did the guy in the long run relent. A man guerrilla which got Karina pregnant try permitted to acquire money to deliver their to his family members’ household, in which her malaria are managed along with her suit baby child, Eliana, try introduced. Just after 40 months, Karina is actually summoned back again to brand new FARC; she leftover the kid trailing to be elevated of the their own dad’s friends. Throughout the 17 years that observed, she spotted their own daughter just 10 moments.

The FARC now denies they ever had an insurance plan out-of pushed abortions. Victoria Sandino, a seasoned FARC frontrunner who had been usually the just lady on the discussing cluster during tranquility talks, tells me that female enlistees understood abreast of signing up you to definitely pregnancies was basically purely taboo. In the last days of the battle, until the rule try observed, “female might have infants for hours and become marginalizing themselves,” Sandino says. “It actually was one more reason as to the reasons female cannot arrived at equality and were not active in the decision-while making process of your own team and you may teams.” She also believes one to “maternity and you can conflicts are not suitable. Your exposure besides the fresh lifetime of women but of your children collectively.” Sandino by herself try implicated regarding purchasing forced abortions, however, she claims one to feminine guerrillas exactly who turned expecting got around three choices: “They might interrupt this new maternity willingly; number 2, have the infant home and come back; or around three, not go back.”