Inside the 1925, Iceland even passed another type of law prohibiting customers of the nation from acquiring surnames on ancient sense

2. For those who paid off focus, up coming most of the names of your users of your own Icelandic national group is comparable, they bring about “son”. The object is you to definitely when you look at the Iceland patronymics are used rather from surnames, actually, this really is an analogue of our own patronymic. Having men, brand new particle “sleep” (son) are put in the name of your own dad, for females – “dottir” (dple, if the there are 2 pupils of various sexes for the a household, they can get more “surnames”, for example, the lady Palmarsdottir, that’s, the fresh daughter regarding Palmars plus the boy from Palmarsson, that’s, new kid from Palmars. In addition, when the the daddy in some way does not know the kid, then your son otherwise de-, that is, an equivalent patronymic, however, called the mother.

3. Although not, this doesn’t mean the Icelanders don’t after all try and secure the surname, they simply exercise when you look at the a particular means, specific give the people the same names once a production, that’s, they name the little one shortly after their parent or granny, in order for, so to speak, you could potentially trace new line type.

cuatro. The fresh antique names of your Icelanders are known to of numerous folks, because the i found her or him throughout the ancient Scandinavian sagas. Sure, Ragnar, Sigur otherwise A?alsteinn, which means “main brick”, into the Iceland an equivalent regular human labels because the Ivan, Dmitry otherwise Alexander when you look at the Russia. (さらに…)