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A turkey try each one of one or two types of highest birds about genus Meleagris. Turkeys was classed on gamebird order. Formerly, they were considered a definite family unit members, Meleagrididae, but more recently these people were reclassified just like the a beneficial subfamily (Meleagridinae) of your pheasants and their partners. As with of numerous galliform kinds, the female is smaller than the male, and far reduced colorful. Employing wingspans of just one.5-1.8 m, this new turkeys are by far the most significant birds in the wild woods where they real time, consequently they are rarely mistaken for various other variety.

The modern tamed poultry was made about Crazy Poultry. The latest Ocellated Chicken are most likely and domesticated from the Mayans. It has been speculated this variety is much more tractable than their north equal, and was the cause of introduce domesticated inventory, but there’s no morphological proof to support this theory. Specifically, the new chest tuft out of home-based turkeys was a clear signal from lineage about Wild Chicken, since the Ocellated Poultry doesn’t always have that it tuft.

Turkeys was extensively hunted, especially the Insane Chicken in North america. Rather than its domestic competitors, the fresh new turkeys is actually cautious and you may agile flyers.


Whenever Europeans very first came across these types of varieties regarding Americas, they incorrectly understood them with the brand new African Helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris), called the new turkey-manhood from the importation to Central Europe courtesy Poultry, and the label of this nation caught as along with the title of your own Western bird. (さらに…)