Its parent company is Nucom Group, a joint venture between a joint venture of German mass media company ProSiebenSat

  • Religion – looks at religion next because it claims like-minded individuals often share similar religious views and it is important for couples to believe in the same things when building a strong relationship.
  • Marital Expectations – compares a couple’s outlook on marriage based on those with similar relationship goals will more likely have a successful relationship.
  • Children – couples with different desires for children tend to have more problems in relationships. It also matches members who are looking for no children, since people with the same expectations fare better in relationships
  • Hobbies – tests your hobbies since it claims happy couples come from those who can anticipate actions and reactions because they share common interests.
  • Occupation – matches members together based on its’ compatibility formula, which is partially based on occupation. eHarmony also tries to match members with people who have similar jobs/careers due to a study that like-minded individuals tend to gravitate towards those with similar jobs. It also tests if you have a blue-collar or white-collar job. (さらに…)