Just on Democratic Republic off Congo would less than around three-in-10 (26%) show that it take a look at

In general, Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa are more more than likely than just its alternatives in other places to state that Islam and you can Christianity features a great deal in keeping. Approximately half dozen-in-ten hold that it view within the Guinea-bissau (62%), Senegal (61%), Tanzania (59%) and Cameroon (58%), when you are more or less 50 % of concur into the Liberia (53%), Ghana (51%), Mali (51%) and Nigeria (48%).

A lot of Muslims from inside the Bosnia-Herzegovina (59%) as well as minimum half of in Kazakhstan (52%) say Islam and Christianity features much in accordance; in Russia, a good plurality (46%) believes. In other places for the Central Asia and you may South and you will Eastern European countries, only about about three-in-10 believe the two faiths features much in keeping.

Inside the four of the eight regions surveyed around Eastern and you may North Africa, a majority otherwise plurality pick Islam and you can Christianity due to the fact completely different religions. Whenever you are Palestinian Muslims is actually split toward dilemma of live escort reviews Honolulu just how much both religions show (42% say he’s a great deal in keeping, 39% say they are different), most Muslims within the Jordan (60%), Lebanon (57%) and you may Egypt (56%) think Islam and you may Christianity to-be very different. Inside Iraq, 57% from Muslims is undecided, weighed against 27% which believe Islam and you can Christianity enjoys a great deal in accordance and you may 16% which say they are totally different. (さらに…)