Relationship size as well as transform ranging from adolescence and you may adulthood

Alterations in Intimate Dating with Duration

Because the listed in the past, concepts of relationships development delineate the average succession regarding dating experiences as the shifting out-of involvement in the several, brief personal matchmaking during the puberty so you can involvement in one intimate matchmaking out-of lengthened duration in early adulthood (Brownish, 1999; Connolly & Goldberg, 1999). Dating continue to develop prolonged toward very early adulthood, having personal matchmaking from the decades 21 long-lasting nearly fourfold extended than just dating on decades 15 (Seiffge-Krenke, 2003).

Based on societal-exchange theory, the brand new shift from egocentric motives toward focusing on dyadic acquire is even anticipated to are present once the relationships become prolonged (Laursen & Jensen-Campell, 1999). (さらに…)