Josh Lyman: Let me tell you one thing, mi compadre

You guys were coddled. I am not saying your girl, I am not saying the camp therapist, and you can I’m not the 6th-levels professor you’d a beneficial break towards the. I am a graduate out of Harvard and you will Yale and i also believe that my efforts of debate can also be increase to get to know the brand new Socratic ponder this is the White Domestic press corps.

Josh Lyman: [Leo should meet the President have always been so you’re able to explore a number of accidents within teams] Must i state one thing?

Josh Lyman: Numerous that is our blame. And Chairman probably isn’t going to take so it very well so we simply want one to be aware that we are truth be told there with you within the spirit tomorrow morning.

Sgt. MacNamara: [outlining his stop out of Roberto Mendoza to own uncertainty out of dui] I’m one that removed your more, you understand. Their driving is actually volatile. Nonetheless maybe not totally pretty sure he hadn’t already been ingesting.

Sam Seaborn: Court Mendoza has actually persistent persistent hepatitis, that’s a low-progressive types of the liver pain. When the he’d had sufficient to take in to expend section that with the the bloodstream-liquor, he’d be dry at this time. [drinks away from coffees mug] This is a coffees. (さらに…)