The study method was created, and browse authorisation was found about Rwandan Health insurance and Studies Ministries

Cultural version

The fresh new professional panel examined all the translations and you can reached an opinion (More document step 1), such as regarding the things instead of particular translation to your Kinyarwanda. Which through the following dimensions: Energy and you will Mobility (items question ten, 33, thirty-five and you may 36), Diabetic issues Manage (item question 15 and twenty-eight) and you will Public Weight (product matter 19 and you will 26). About three series out-of interview were presented after that, that have a total of 26 diabetic members: twenty-two girls and you will cuatro men, towards the average period of 47 (IQR = 39–62), average numerous years of finished studies out-of 6 (IQR = 6–8) while the median several years of diabetes 3.5 (IQR = 2–6)prehension of the translated items are good, and you can amendments have been made to improve clearness and care for one ambiguities. Table 1 summarises the newest consensus translation, and you may things about amendment of your product concerns of the D-39.

In the first bullet we used a layout just as the unique English device, where the introductory words “During the past month how much cash try the quality of your existence impacted by:” are regular immediately after near the top of each page, additionally the issues underneath mentioned precisely the next a portion of the sentence (elizabeth.grams. (さらに…)