We can see another calculator to get the joules held regarding the driveshaft!

Whenever we understand joules, we know this new hp-moments sapped from moving the auto. Can you imagine the fresh new system highs at the 6000 RPM in the bottom of your step 1/cuatro mile, and therefore got 13 moments.

The initial driveshaft considered 29 weight and we also must spin it so you can 6000 RPM. If we type in that, we come across they ate (and you will stored) 5310 joules. 480 ounces in the good step https://datingranking.net/single-parent-dating/ three.5 inch diameter Band (hollow center) and you will 6000 RPM.

That’s = seven.a dozen hp-seconds so you can spin the brand new shaft so you can 6000. Given that big date is actually thirteen moments, brand new axle assimilated 0.548 hp distributed more than you to definitely thirteen mere seconds.

Today we switch to this new aluminum axle. Things are the same except the weight, it’s now 15 lbs otherwise 240 ounces. Having fun with that flywheel calculator we discover i utilized 2655 joules. It is = 3.56 horsepower-moments. Over thirteen seconds, we “stored” .274 hp. The online gain into the readily available opportunity more than 13 mere seconds was about 1/cuatro hp. (さらに…)