Individual Interpersonal Dating and Love of the newest Trinity

Before being trained into the theology and you can Religious counseling, I spent a number of years as a good biomedical researcher. In that part, We invested my personal efforts from inside the skills what we should might label the latest technology from love. Inside scientific conditions, i label the newest like ranging from a mother or father and kid, otherwise kids and you will mommy, while the like anywhere between wife and husband accessories. The individual so you can just who one to like is actually brought try labeled because the an item, an object in our like. The theory was developed from the John Bowlby, an uk psychiatrist, to spell it out as to why maternal starvation leads to depression, stress, outrage, and you can delinquency. step 1

First connection principle

People, especially children, trust attachment objects (safe havens) to safeguard him or her off chances which help him or her deal with risks. (さらに…)