Despite the growth the brand new mudawana brought to the brand new bottom line of ladies’ liberties, it remains obstructed getting several obstacles

The next obstacles might be chatted about, namely, insufficient the newest wording of mudawana, the government’s allotment out-of resources, plus the behavior of judiciary

Revisions for the mudawana in addition to introduction of the fresh new 2004 adaptation toward laws will likely be thought to be stepping stones into the summary from ladies’ entry to justice. You’ll find areas the spot where the text fails to see ladies liberties in order to equality. For example the mudawana will not establish a limit decades lower than and this special consent so you’re able to price a married relationship before the legal ages out of 18 decades is granted. 117 Concurrently, new mudawana’s provisions on mutual management of assets gotten throughout the the newest subsistence of one’s relationships do not tend to be standards to possess researching the new wife’s share in the way of residential responsibilities, in which there is absolutely no offer between the people when controling residential duties. 118 Additionally, brand new mudawana does not totally eradicate polygyny, the newest unilateral repudiation of your own partner by the partner, break up by the compensation (also known as khula), otherwise inheritance guidelines, considering Sidiqi, a legal scholar. 119 Even in the event strides were made into bottom line out of ladies rights in a few regions of criminal and you will civil law, loved ones laws could have been lagging at the rear of. 120 Eventually, partnered ladies get the most cover with regards to the mudawana, however it neglects the fresh new liberties of them ladies who is actually solitary, international ladies who is actually partnered so you can Moroccan males, and Moroccan females partnered to help you foreign people. 121 Centered on Hanafi, an appropriate college student, aforementioned point, including, is of great importance once the quantity of multicultural marriages try towards the increase. 122