Brand new poem’s presenter try purchasing tribute so you can a guy just who the guy loved

‘He had been my personal North, my Southern area, my personal Eastern and you will West’ is actually a line about what could be W. H. Auden’s most readily useful-identified poem, ‘Funeral Blues’ (as it is sometimes known) otherwise ‘End every clocks’ (as it’s known, following its beginning terms). Exactly what ‘s the meaning of it line, and you may Auden’s poem general?

Auden’s poem try an elegy: an excellent poem discussed somebody who has passed away. This new range ‘He was my Northern, my Southern area, my personal East and you can West’ reflects new depth off his perception and you will simply how much the person designed to him: as the north, southern area, east, and you can west safety all four cardinal things of your compass, ‘He had been my personal North, my personal South, my personal Eastern and you can West’ is another way of saying, ‘he had been my everything’ otherwise ‘he had been that which you so you’re able to me’.

But there is however even more to that particular poem than match the attention. Auden’s poem is actually delivered to another listeners if it is actually quoted in full regarding the 1994 flick Five Weddings and you can a funeral. (さらに…)