Correlational analyses was indeed held to glance at brand new dating between other SSE evidence (e

This new sample’s mean score (ranging from dos so you can twenty four) concerning the Initially the total amount off Revealing (focus, volume and you can amount of revealing people) is actually (SD = 5

Indicate ratings (variety 0 so you’re able to 6) on the episode’s effects assessed was: (1) 0.65 (SD = step one.45) to possess actual outcomes, (2) 1.02 (SD = 1.02) for thing effects, (3) step 1.05 (SD = 1.79) to possess social effects, (4) step one.81 (SD = 1.95) to possess elite effects and you will (5) 3.several (SD = step one.94) to possess mental outcomes.

On psychological valence the brand new indicate ratings (ranging from 0 so you can six) was basically 0.37 (SD = step one.06) to the pleasant items and you may 4.41 (SD = 1.59) with the unpleasant item.

When you look at the 306 mental episodes reported of the users, % (n = 283) was in fact socially shared. For the % (letter = 210) out-of instances, SSE happened an equivalent date the episode occurred. (さらに…)