Alam’s flow is very easy with minimal changes amongst the move, gender wise

Lady Fahda often commit to provide you forty-five silver however you would need to pay off the loan if you are paying straight back step 1 silver next 50 transforms

If you have the ability to impress Fahda with your studies since a beneficial trader you will be anticipate in order to this lady residence to possess food that have the lady, Alam the lady child and you can Domia brand new chief of the guard. To achieve the stop of one’s trip you must talk with all the latter for three night, has a concoction in a position and you will Gamdoo have a tendency to to support brand new caravan.

You may either choose an even more gallant strategy and you will entice her, attractive to their adventurous cardio you can also belittle and you will grind her self-esteem until she submits. (さらに…)