Tend to Julia marry the newest good looking French airline pilot the woman is dating?

Universal Pictures bet large that Billy Eichner is proper and you may viewers were looking for a good romcom predicated on a gay partners, the one that rejects the theory you to definitely homosexual and you may upright couples try an equivalent otherwise looking for the same task-one to “love is like”-one which digs to the differences between a few guys coupling and you can a great heterosexual partners pairing out of.

In order to estimate various other flick symbol, Bobby are alone but he is maybe not lonely; Grindr ensures that, despite new humiliations that go towards the achieving success on that platform, such as for instance looking to grab a beneficial selfie of your own tail when you look at the the newest reflect. Monogamy is an incredibly informal suggestion around Bobby’s community, which often gift ideas a bona-fide complications to have a movie looking to to fit towards the romcom genre: a profitable romcom does not outline a gender app relationship otherwise new business off a beneficial throuple however, a couple combining up and paying off as this is just how you to definitely discovers Correct Joy. (さらに…)